Month: January 2018

The Truth Behind Interest Rates

Many borrowers choose to select their lender based solely on the interest rate that is advertised or offered to them. However, it is critical for any borrower to understand there are more factors to consider than the rate that is presented. Avoid being misled by dishonest lenders by knowing which information to keep in mind…

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Why Use a Realtor: A Breakdown of What They Do For You

Customers often ask us, why should I use a Realtor? Don’t I save money by going FSBO (for sale by owner)? Not necessarily. Realtors are important! They are licensed to represent you in this contract negotiation. If you don’t have a Realtor involved, then you need to hire a lawyer. Most sellers find lawyers are not typically as…

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Realtors Want to Know: Why Should Your Buyer Choose RMN for VA Financing?

Realtors keep asking, so we will tell you: Why your buyer should consider RMN for VA financing even if they are already pre-approved with a different VA lender. Unfortunately, many buyers, sellers and Realtors alike don’t understand the importance of working with an experienced VA lender until things go South. That’s when we get the call to pick…

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