Month: December 2017

We are a Banker NOT a Broker – So, What’s the Difference?

Residential Mortgage Network is a mortgage banker, not a broker. There are very distinct “operational” differences which impact the time it takes to obtain a loan approval, making it an important consideration to our customers and business partners. A mortgage banking company “makes the loan decision” and is burdened with the risk. A mortgage broker assigns the loan…

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Santa Brings Coal to Lenders Who Don’t Underwrite In-House

Why is it such an advantage to work with a lender that underwrites VA, Rural Development and FHA home loans at their office? Simply put, RMN’s in-house underwriting allows us to close loans quicker and more smoothly than our competition. RMN’s entire lending staff is highly trained on the specific requirements of the VA, RD, and FHA loan programs.…

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