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Realtors Want to Know: Why Should Your Buyer Choose RMN for VA Financing?

Realtors keep asking, so we will tell you: Why your buyer should consider RMN for VA financing even if they are already pre-approved with a different VA lender. Unfortunately, many buyers, sellers and Realtors alike don’t understand the importance of working with an experienced VA lender until things go South. That’s when we get the call to pick…

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Why We Encourage VA Loans (And Why Other Lenders Discourage Them)

Some lenders discourage the VA loan program. They often claim the fees are too high, there is extra paperwork, or that a VA loan can take over a month to close. The truth is that these lenders simply don’t fully understand the program and its loan processing requirements. In reality, a VA loan will virtually always be the best loan…

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VA Loan 101: Why VA Loans Are the Best for Our Veterans

A VA loan allows a Veteran (and his/her spouse) to purchase a home with no money down and obtain a fixed rate. Even with down payment, a VA loan is often chosen by a Veteran over any other loan because the interest rate is typically lower than a regular conventional loan. Be careful, not all lenders will tell…

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