What Does Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mean at RMN?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are popular buzzwords in our industry. Many lenders are moving toward a more inclusive approach and using these words to show clients which way the industry is trending and to indicate themselves as a lender they can trust. We’re excited that these buzzwords are getting more attention in our industry, but what does it mean for RMN?

Well…we’ve ALWAYS operated with these values in mind! In fact, RMN was founded on them! We’re thrilled the industry, at large, is leaning more and more into inclusivity, but at RMN, we’ve been operating that way since 1987. Let’s dive into a bit more of our history to give you a clear picture of why we were founded and what we mean when we say that we’re as diverse and inclusive as you can get in our industry!


This movement toward diversity, equity, and inclusion in the lending world is long overdue because operating with full inclusion of every loan option hasn’t always been the case for a lot of large lenders. 

Rick House, our founder and owner, started Residential Mortgage Network in 1987 after working at a big bank that refused to do government loans. 

We’ve talked before about how government loans are NOT synonymous with low credit, low income, or unqualified buyers, but unfortunately, that stereotype continues to persist in the lending world. Government loans can help more people who might not otherwise qualify for Conventional loans get into homes, but that should be seen as a good thing, not a bad thing! They are also sometimes simply the best option for someone, regardless of their credit score or income level, because they shake out to the best interest rate and lower monthly payments in the end. 

Plus in the case of some government loans, such as Rural Development Loans or VA loans, they are just an amazing option because of unique circumstances such as where a borrower is choosing to live or what that borrower has earned through serving our country. The benefits of these great loan programs should be offered to everyone who might qualify! 

So why would anyone not want to offer government loans? The stereotype that they are for low-credit or low-income buyers and the myth that they take a long time to close and, therefore, are not worth offering is usually a reason why some lenders still shy away from them to this day or have shied away from offering them in the past. 

Rick left the big bank he was working at and founded RMN to provide competitive and efficient government financing through VA, FHA, and Rural Development loans because he believed that every home-buyer deserved to know all of their options and also deserved to have the same experience with efficiency and customer service as someone closing with a conventional loan. 


Today, we are proud to say that we have accomplished Rick’s dream of offering government financing and have added conventional lending, making us one of the most well-rounded and competitive mortgage banks in Iowa. Not many lenders can say that they have an underwriter right in-house, so we can close government loans in as little as 2 weeks if we have to (see, we told you it was a myth that government loans always take longer to close!).

Our number one goal is making sure that as many borrowers as possible end up in a home that they love! We will continue to operate that way as long as we exist, and we’re really proud of our past and all the wonderful things we have been able to accomplish since 1987. 

If you’re in the market for a new home, reach out—we’d love to help and offer you ALL of your options. With us, you can rest assured you’re getting everything we have to offer and never have to wonder if something is being withheld from you. Let’s get you into the home of your dreams!