Closing: How Does RMN Get It Done in Only 2 Weeks?

Couple closing on home

Residential Mortgage Network, Inc. is a locally owned mortgage banking company. What separates us from other lenders is our ability to close your loan in just 2 weeks. How do we do it? All of our staff are on-site to process, underwrite, approve and close your home loan. We train our staff to keep things moving – we are efficient and we have the control. We aren’t waiting on an underwriter in another office location, another city or another state. It’s all right here. We see each other every day and communicate about what takes priority. This enables us to handle rush requests with ease.

Furthermore, our level of review on pre-approvals is incredibly thorough. Our loan officers and supporting staff take the time to analyze all details of each file. Our expertise and attention to detail enable us to catch and resolve issues upfront before our borrowers have an accepted offer rather than waiting for the problem to be discovered during underwriting after the appraisal has been completed like most other lenders.

After the thorough pre-approval, having in-house underwriters is key. They know the programs, they know our customers and they know our Realtors. It’s not just another file for them. Our goal is to approve the home loan, not find a way to deny or switch them to an ARM – we keep them with a fixed rate so they don’t have to worry about a future refinance.

Trust our process from the start. Don’t wait to switch from an inexperienced RD/VA/FHA lender. Let us get it done efficiently from the beginning. We are truly passionate about these programs and our customers and we will prove it to you during the process.

If you’re ready to move forward with a home loan through RMN, contact us today!