Working with a Realtor vs FSBO

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In the DIY world we live in, more and more people are opting for FSBO (For Sale By Owner). Many people believe that they can save money by not using a Realtor, however that may not be the case! Discover the benefits of working with a Realtor vs FSBO when selling and buying a home.

Working with a Realtor vs FSBO When Selling

Realtors are experts at assisting you with your home sale. Because your Realtor is not emotionally attached to your home, they can easily pull comparison sales and help list your house for top dollar. They know the housing market inside and out, and have access to the tools and resources needed to find the most accurate data for you.

Most importantly, your Realtor will market your house at their own expense. This includes holding open houses and ensuring your home is listed on all major selling sites. Realtors also have great suggestions for staging and making your house show as well as possible, especially if you are still living in the home. Last, but definitely not least, they will know if a new house goes on the market, so you can stay in the know about competition in the area.

Working with a Realtor vs FSBO When Buying

When you buy a home, the seller pays the Real Estate commission, so deciding not to work with a Realtor will not save you any money in the end. In fact, it could end up costing you more! The seller is going to be looking out for their own best interest. As you enter into one of the largest financial transactions of your life, having a professional looking out for you can make all the difference.

Haven’t found the perfect home yet? Realtors are always up to date on the inventory in their market and will alert you immediately to new homes that are listed. If you aren’t working with a Realtor, you run the risk of your dream home selling before you ever find out about it!

Other Benefits of Working with a Realtor vs FSBO

When buying or selling a home, you are entering into contract negotiation. Realtors are licensed to represent you for these negotiations. If you don’t work with a Realtor, then you will need to hire a lawyer. The majority of sellers who work with lawyers find they are not as invested in the transaction as a Realtor would be. In comparison, your Realtor will keep things moving more efficiently and ensure dates are met. Realtors are also generally more available and prepared to discuss your questions and concerns.

Most people will buy and sell a few houses over the course of their lifetime. Realtors help their clients buy and sell all the time. Their base of knowledge and experience is much broader and deeper than the average homebuyer or seller. Having an experienced professional in your corner during this process is key to resolving issues. Your Realtor will help keep your transaction running smoothly and on schedule, no matter what problems may arise along the way!

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