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Benefits of an Independent Mortgage Bank

The following article from National Mortgage News illustrates how Independent Mortgage Banks, like RMN, are the primary outlet for loan programs like rural development and VA loans, which can save credit worthy borrowers thousands of dollars compared to the alternative of an adjustable rate mortgage offered by a traditional bank. Read on to see why it’s important…

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Santa Brings Coal to Lenders Who Don’t Underwrite In-House

Why is it such an advantage to work with a lender that underwrites VA, Rural Development and FHA home loans at their office? Simply put, RMN’s in-house underwriting allows us to close loans quicker and more smoothly than our competition. RMN’s entire lending staff is highly trained on the specific requirements of the VA, RD, and FHA loan programs.…

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Closing: How Does RMN Get It Done in Only 2 Weeks?

Residential Mortgage Network, Inc. is a locally owned mortgage banking company. What separates us from other lenders is our ability to close your loan in just 2 weeks. How do we do it? All of our staff are on-site to process, underwrite, approve and close your home loan. We train our staff to keep things moving – we are efficient…

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